Final Departure

            Do you think you know the answers about life but are afraid to ask the questions about death?

A man who thinks he has God figured out meets the mother of all atheists.

 Retired NCIS Special Agent and closet-Christian, Dan Lucas, meets angry atheist professor Ben Chernick and sparks fly. Trapped together by a lethal storm, the two lock horns when Dan reluctantly admits he believes in God. 

Goaded into a knock-down, drag out sparring session over whether the Bible is true, Dan and Ben go toe-to-toe over the meaning of life, death, and beyond. Meanwhile, the carnage and destruction happening outside has a fatal impact on Dan and Ben. One dies and one survives. Who’s left standing? The shocking finale will touch you to your core. 

 If you have a deep-seated need to know whether God really exists but don’t know who to ask, Final Departure: Death is never on time may be just the book for you. Written in a no-nonsense, down-to-earth entertaining style, the author draws on history, science, and scholarly research to answer some of our deepest concerns. He also gives opposing views so that readers have both sides of each argument.

Is there really any evidence to support the Bible? What will happen when we die? Does it really matter what we think and believe?

Find the answers in this Benjamin Franklin and President's Award-winning novel today!

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Jeff Walton - Final Departure: Death Is Never On Time




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READERS' FAVORITE Gold Medal Winner!

FAPA President's Book Award Double Winner!

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Also: Benjamin Franklin Award Winner!

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